2020: The Year of the Boss Babe

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Woo hoo! Congrats babe on making it to the most promising year yet! Our 20/20 vision sees good vibes and success for all of our BYE babes! Do you have any goals for this year? Despite how amazing you are, there’s always room for improvement! Use this fresh start to set goals you’ve always wanted to achieve!


Instead of the drastic resolutions people tend to set and forget about, we recommend picking 1-3 specific goals that you know you can accomplish! This way, you feel more focused and less overwhelmed. For some goal inspo, here is a list of our favorite goals for 2020!

  • Cook more, spend less
  • Save your money and your calories! It’s a total win-win and you might surprise yourself by your 5 star chef skills. We know it’s super easy to eat out and spend $20+ on a meal and a drink, but why not limit the amount of times you eat out per month? Focus on getting fresh fruit and veggies at your favorite grocery store, and have a fun, cost-effective wine night in with the gals or your hubby. Have you checked out Hello Fresh? They send you all the ingredients you need to make a healthy, homemade meal for a low price!

  • Write it down!
  • Organization is something we are obsessed with! If you don’t already have one, we recommend investing in a planner you love! By writing down all of your events and due dates, you’ll never forget that important task again. We love the paper product from Ban.do!  

  • Break a sweat
  • Probably one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions… exercising! If this hasn’t worked out for you in the past, switch it up! Exchange the boring treadmill for an invigorating hot yoga membership! Whatever the exercise, make sure it’s something you at least semi-enjoy doing. Having a workout buddy to keep you accountable is a total game changer! Motivate each other to be your best selves. Start out reasonable. If you don’t go to the gym at all, maybe aim to go once a week and then work your way up from there!

  • Make time for others!
  • Socializing and catching up with your besties is such a stress reliever! It’s important to make time for those who are important to you. Make it a goal to grab lunch or drinks with your fav guys and gals at least twice a month, or more! Everyone can use some quality bestie time! Maybe this new year is a great opportunity to rekindle a lost relationship you miss.

  • Self care love
  • We always emphasize how important treating yourself and having a positive mindset is. At the end of the day, your happiness is really all that matters! Life and relationships are stressful and finding a balance to focus on yourself can be tough. Find a healthy activity that boosts your mood and invest in it! Or even treat yourself to some new By Egreis pieces! Self love with a new fit!

    We could definitely make a list with hundreds of goals, but these are a few tasks we think most people could benefit from! Bettering yourself is a marathon, not a race! Take it slow and focus on what you really want to improve this year. Here’s to you being the best you possible, babe!


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