A First Look at By Egreis

A First Look at By Egreis - ByEgreis

There is a huge transformation in the way companies are building brands and reaching out to their audiences in the digital age. Nowadays, it is not about traditional marketing strategies. In this highly-connected world of social media, innovators are not confining themselves to any boundaries. Instead, the latest approach has been to connect directly with the audiences on a personal level by establishing a defined brand image. 

Today, consumers are constantly looking to connect and to discover themselves in the ever changing fashion world. Real people attracting real people, and the consumers are no longer enticed by the marketing aura that brands focus on constructing around a product. They are enticed by the quality of a product and the conversation brands create.

By Egreis- A Startup Fashion Brand

Launching under the umbrella of Egreis Gjergjani, By Egreis is brand born out of Egreis's love, passion, and expertise for fashion. We will connect with our fanbase through social media, blogging, and Youtube channel. Our products and content aim to resonates with our audiences on a personal level, and thus develop better products from understanding women's needs. 

Our Goals

As a start-up fashion brand in this exciting new era of digital content, we plan to identify and define our niche, before defining what are brand truly will be. Our goal is to get a feel of our audience – who our customers are, their demographics, what their average size is, what they care about, what styles of clothing they’re attracted to, and ultimately what do they prefer to buy. This analysis will help us get to the next stage of creating a brand by discovering what problem we are solving for our audience and how can we offer a unique value to them. We believe that our content strategy should serve a purpose. We are immensely passionate about what we do and we want to get it right, for the love of fashion and the pride of being a woman. We believe in taking smaller steps towards a larger goal. We do not aim to reach the moon in the very beginning.  Our goals are simpler.

We want to provide a differentiated value to our customer that helps them connect to our brand in an authentic and honest way. We are not targeting to make big sales in the very beginning but rather working towards establishing our credibility. We want to grow, but with our audience and as per their taste and preference.

Our content-first approach does not believe in creating content only for the purpose of SEO and Google rankings. Our intention is not selling our product, come what may. We want to create content that is valuable and that consumers resonate with.

How We Plan To Do It

For By Egreis, we plan to start by defining our audience and their interests. To sell better, we truly believe that we need to stay connected to our audience. Our aim is to change how women view themselves. We look forward to inspiring women to shift their mindset and create a platform where they feel understood. We plan to talk about various topics that women of different cultures and ages relate to. We want to ensure that we are addressing some real topics that women cared about. We want to create an environment that makes women happy and extremely positive. We plan to do this through our Instagram posts, blogs as well as Vlogs.

We do not believe that there is any validation bigger than that of a positive feedback and response to our content. We are extremely lucky to already have so much love and support from women around the world even before the launch of our brand. Therefore in addition to providing content that inspires and educates women, we also want to offer value to them by selling products that satisfy their unique needs. This is our way of creating long-lasting relationships with our audience and a brand name that resonates with them.

The world has changed and so has social media. Today, it is incredibly easy for new brands to compete alongside established players. The barriers to a growing brand are the lowest at this point in time and digital content is the key to it. By Egreis plans to build an online platform that attracts passionate consumers and retains them over a long period of time.

The By Egreis Advantage

By Egreis is a brand that draws its strength, creativity, and inspiration from the qualities of a woman that make them a strong, invincible and an empowering figure in the society. It aims to be a brand that consumers know, like, and trust. We are committed to creating beautiful designs for women of all sizes, race, sexual orientation and gender orientation. We believe every woman deserves to feel good and express beauty in their own way. By Egreis is brand designed by women to celebrate women.

Our blogs will not just be for SEO, and our Instagram posts won’t just target at building a follower base. We want to serve a purpose for our audience and establish ourselves as a trustworthy and credible source to them. Last but not the least, we want our content strategy to speak for itself.



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