Black Friday Shopping: Tips, Tricks, & our BIGGEST sale of the year!

Black Friday Shopping: Tips, Tricks, & our BIGGEST sale of the year! - ByEgreis

It’s the best time of the year, babes…. sale time!  We hope you have your shopping lists ready because we plan on making this the best Black Friday yet! This year, By Egreis is participating in our first ever Black Friday sale! It is our biggest sale of the year, therefore making it the best time to purchase all your must have pieces! EVERYTHING, yes everything, is 25% off using code: BF25 at checkout! We hope you’re just as excited as us, babe! Here are some things to keep in mind when Black Friday shopping...

Make a list, check it twice

The last thing you want to feel during the shopping rush is unprepared! Browse ahead and make a physical note of all the amazing things you want! You can then prioritize what you want to snag first in case it sells out, or if you’re on a budget your list will help you narrow down your haul. Some By Egreis pieces that are on our list...Evana Black, Juliana Jumpsuits, Melanie Bodysuit, Elina 2.0, and so much more! 

Compare Prices

Whether you’re hoping to snag some new Airpods or a $400 Dyson hairdryer, don’t forget to check who’s offering the best price! If you’re already getting a good deal, why settle for anything but the best? This is where that planning ahead comes in handy and ensures a (hopefully) seamless Black Friday experience!

Christmas Gifts

This is the perfect opportunity to stock up on those Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers you usually leave for last minute! You’ll get those amazing presents for a fraction of the price and it’ll look like you spent way more than actually you did! Not to mention, you can have all of your Christmas shopping accomplished early this year! Two birds, one discounted stone, boom.

The internet is your friend!

Black friday can be incredibly hectic and don’t even mention trying to find a parking spot. It’s like the Hunger Games, shopping edition. Over the past years, companies have extended the same in-store sales to their online websites. 

Stay home & shop our huge Black Friday sale!

Everything is 25% off using code: BF25!

Enjoy yourself!

I don’t know about you, babe, but getting amazing deals on things I love gives me the biggest rush! Don’t leave any room for stress during this special holiday! Make this a bonding experience and have fun shopping with the fam! Stock up on your favorites and finally purchase those fancy items you’ve been eyeing but haven’t convinced yourself you deserve it. Trust us, you deserve it, babe.

Magic is in the retail air and we can’t wait to take advantage of all the amazing deals this weekend! We hope you get that exciting shopping rush and enjoy yourself!

We also hope that you enjoy our biggest sale of the year...hurry and get your must have pieces before they're all gone!


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