By Egreis Boss Babes You Need to Know

By Egreis Boss Babes You Need to Know - ByEgreis

Hey, babes! Welcome back to the BYE Blog where we focus on all things fashion, lifestyle, and our personal favorite, girl-talk. This week we want to focus on the best boss babes in the game! This is a term we use all the time at the office and we just can’t help it! We come across so many women who embody the pure meaning of boss babe. 

Boss Babe [ baws-beyb ]


someone who works hard for what she wants, supports other women, and radiates positivity… pretty much an all-around badass woman.

We asked a few of the ladies in the office who their current favorite boss babe is and this is what they said!


“My favorite boss babe is Michelle Phan because she’s one of the first Asian makeup guru. She started out from nothing and keeps working to bring the Asian beauty community to the map. She now owns her own makeup line and a strong beauty community to support new beauty youtubers.”


“I'd have to say everyone here at IBT & By Egreis are total boss babes! Whether we have kids at home or personal businesses we take on such big roles here at the office! From Briana running both IBT & BYE day to day, Sarait shipping like cray to get these orders out and goes home to her son AND fills us in on all things beauty, Tessie and Isabel running IBT social media, Taylor being the ULTIMATE hype girl in the office i mean the list seriously goes on and on! We're a family and the true definition of boss babes (We can't forget Egi who seriously does it ALL!!)”


Sam Feher! She’s 23 and the assistant editor at Cosmo Magazine! She has accomplished so much at such a young age!”


“I had a hard time narrowing it down to one but I would have to go with Monica Rose. She’s been such an amazing inspiration as a stylist and creative director. I love how she pushes the limits with her styling and knows how to feature and flatter the best parts of the people she dresses.

Also have to give it up to another amazing boss babe Egreis and the entire team of ladies that work their butts off on the daily to continue to grow and improve. It’s crazy the growth that’s happened in such a small amount of time!”


“My cousin Josie! She owns a design agency called in Cincinnati! She is such a hard worker and has created this amazing business that helps companies with their branding and creative media!”

If we listed all of the boss babes in our lives, this blog post would be never ending… which is a good thing! These are just a few of the hardworking, supportive women that we want to highlight today. Feel free to check them out to be inspired!

Girls supporting girls, and boss babes lifting up other boss babes! This is our motto in life and we strive to radiate this in the office everyday! Take this as your daily reminder to be kind to others, as well as yourself. Here’s to being boss babes together! *Cheers*


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