Introducing Simply E - our basics collection – ByEgreis

Introducing Simply E - our basics collection

Introducing Simply E - our basics collection

May 07, 2019

Today marks a big launch date for us: SIMPLY E - the quintessential addition to your wardrobe. Clean line, solid colors, basic, but with a twist. Each item is meticulously designed and created for every woman needing the perfect addition to their collection.

simply e collection

Timeless and classic, this perfectly curated set of items is made to accentuate your natural beauty, while keeping in line with style. There's nothing basic about this line - layer it, accessorize it, or simply wear it on its own. Simplicity at its finest, and it never looked so stylish!



Amy bodysuit - by egreis

Amy Bodysuit

Erica bodysuit - by egreis

Erica Bodysuit

demi bodysuit - byegreis

Demi Bodysuit

Melanie bodysuit

Melanie Bodysuit

Sophia Bodysuit

Evana Bodysuit

Marie Bodysuit

Ruth Bodysuit

Shop the entire collection here: SIMPLY E COLLECTION

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