Fall 2020 Fashion Trends

Fall 2020 Fashion Trends - ByEgreis

White Dresses Year Round

Breezy and flowy white dresses have become a wardrobe staple, similar to a great fitting pair of jeans or a plain T-shirt. This trend might seem odd because we’ve all heard the “don’t wear white after Labor Day” rule, however, we saw white non-wedding dresses all over the Fall 2020 Runways a few weeks ago! A white dress is something you can really have fun with by switching out sandals for boots and adding a jacket to transition from summer to fall. 


Faux Leather

Head-to-toe faux leather looks were one of the most common themes we saw in both women’s and men’s lines for fall 2020. The runway look is a bit tougher than we are used to, but with a few adjustments, it will be super wearable for everyday life! Many women are experimenting with bold textures and colors in the fashion capitals of the world such as New York, Paris, and Milan. This is a trend that everyone can get on board with because as we have seen, leather comes in and out of style every several years, so get yourself a good quality faux leather piece and hang onto it for life!


Color Stories 

A common theme for getting dressed this season has been to choose a color and style it from head to toe. Although, it seems to be more similar tones than monochromatic, so don’t worry if your colors don’t match perfectly! One of our favorites has been different shades of green such as mint, emerald, and forest green. A lot of pre-runway looks included all pink color stories, and also neutral color stories with a singular pop of red. We love this trend because it is such an easy formula for putting together a look without always having to go straight to neutral colors!



The deeper we dive into the Fall 2020 runways we keep seeing more and more bold fabrics! Metallic fabrics definitely had a strong presence in some of the most popular shows such as Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, and Balmain. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone with this trend. For a more wearable look, you could add a pop of metallic in your skirt (for example, our Cameron Skirt), handbag, or shoes. A pop of metallic gives your outfit a glamorous feel and is the perfect way to get noticed! 

Beige and Brown

2020 is the second year in a row that shades of brown have been a popular runway look. It also happens to be one of the most wearable looks for every day! Balmain showcased many looks that incorporated the brown and beige monochromatic style with leather as well. One of the biggest takeaways from this trend is that there is no true definition of “nude”, every woman can find the shades that work the best for them. 


We hope you got some style inspo from these runway looks! Talk to you babes next week!


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