How to Find Your Personal Style

How to Find Your Personal Style - ByEgreis

Find a Few Style Icons

Most people’s taste in fashion is influenced by one or several icons. Are you a Bella Hadid mixed with Hailey Bieber? Or do you go for more of a Beyonce-JLo vibe? It can be helpful to look at Pinterest for celebrity outfits to see what they wear on a day-to-day basis. Taking some time to look at Pinterest can also help give your personal style a label; classic, modern, street style, vintage, etc! 


Take Pictures of Your Outfits

Each day when you get dressed, snap a quick photo of your outfit! Doing this gives you a better idea of what you actually look like in a 2-dimensional setting. Sometimes seeing a photo of yourself can help you identify if something is missing from the outfit, or if you need to take something away. On the days when you’re really feeling your outfit, keep the picture to use as a template for other looks! 


Find a Color Scheme

Everyone’s personal preference in colors is different, however, there are a few rules of thumb that everyone can use as a guideline! My advice would be to figure out your “signature line” of clothing items. These will be the basic pieces in your wardrobe that all easily go together and can create many different looks. These pieces will probably be neutral colors like black, white, brown, cream, and denim. Once you have these staples, add some pieces in your favorite colors! Now you can add color to your outfit that won’t disrupt your signature style. Of course, this is just a helpful suggestion, wear any colors that you feel beautiful in!


Assess Your Own Closet

Spend some time going through your closet and take a look at all the pieces you have collected throughout the years. As you sort through, separate the pieces by color. This will make it easier for you to visualize your outfits when you’re picking things out. Also, keep a lookout for repeat items! For example, the 5 pairs of brown booties in your closet that all look very similar. Make a mental note that next time you’re out shopping, maybe go for something a little different. Having repeat items isn’t always a bad thing though! If you’re really drawn to a certain style, go for it.



Think About Your Daily Activities

Are you a full-time student? Do you feel most comfortable being overdressed or casual? Do you like to go on date nights often? Ask yourself a few questions like these to figure out what style makes the most sense for you. Most likely, your daily routine has somewhat of an influence on your personal style. If you like to go out at night a lot, make it a priority to have some nice cocktail dresses and a few pairs of heels ready to go. If you spend most of your time at the office, you’ll need several blazers and probably a few pairs of nice slacks. Be practical babes! 


Have fun finding your personal style!



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