Krystol Kreates Fashion Miracles

Krystol Kreates Fashion Miracles - ByEgreis

Hey babes, welcome to another week with the BYE Blog! You’ll be getting the true inside scoop on one of our favorite boss babes, Krystol! She is our fabulous in-house designer at the By Egreis HQ, and we absolutely LOVE her! She finds a way to design silhouettes that flatter every. single. body type! Making fashion miracles happen is our very own Krystol Marie, and we thought it’d be super fun to spill the tea about how she got to her current boss babe status. Keep reading to find out about her design inspirations and how she entered the world of fashion!

It all started in her first year of high school. Krystol religiously watched Project Runway, the hottest show at the time that just happened to be about fashion and creativity! She took her inspiration from the series to the next level. Krystol said that “every time they had a designer challenge, I would sketch at home and sketch my version of their challenges!” From then on, she knew she had to pursue her new found passion!

A question we get a lot about Krystol, especially from other designers, is where she gets her style inspiration. Releasing dozens of new designs every season at By Egreis, it’s easy to be amazed at how she keeps up with the hottest trends, while designing numerous hits at a time. “I find all my inspiration from trend forecasting, what colors and styles are the hottest, and also runway! It’s currently NYFW and the inspiration is flowing!” With New York Fashion Week inspiration taking over, we cannot wait to see the new By Egreis designs coming up!

We asked her who her biggest inspiration is and all we have to say about her answer is… girl SAME. “I’d have to say Egi. She does it all and continues to do it all! She’s everything I strive to be and I’m so happy I get to design and create right next to her. She’s always been such a huge inspiration to me and the years we have kept in contact is just proof! I would design for her, I would send her my school projects to look at! Her opinion has meant the most to me and I still can’t believe where I am today because of her.” If you’ve tuned into our social media sites, you’ve probably seen Egi being her fun and goofy boss babe self. What you might not see is how well she balances being a mom of three kids, a loving wife, and running TWO successful business. Now THAT is life goals.

Confidence is key and to believe in yourself is the ultimate accomplishment. When asked what she’s most confident about, Krystol said “myself, By Egreis did that! I believe in myself more, in my sketches, designs, everything I do everyday!” Excuse us while we wipe away our tears. This is truly the core of By Egreis and we could not be more proud of how much Krystol has accomplished. 

Lastly, we asked Krystol what she loves most about By Egreis. It’s hard to pick just one thing, but this is what she said. “I love that I get to be myself, and design for many many MANY beautiful women here at By Egreis! That is still unbelievable to me… At night I go to and read all the reviews and it fills my heart with joy to know WE did that! It’s an amazing feeling!

Always styled to the nines and confident as can be, Krystol is a role model to us all. By Egreis is about loving yourself and supporting others, and Krystol’s designs radiate that positivity like no other! So, here’s to Krystol, one heck of a boss babe and a one-of-a-kind designer that we’re lucky to have.

To check out and keep up with her amazing designs, feel free to check out our website and social media sites! Thank you so much for tuning in to this week’s special blog post and we’ll see you next week, babe!


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