Our First Destination Photoshoot: Colorado Edition!

Our First Destination Photoshoot: Colorado Edition! - ByEgreis

Woo hoo! Who is ready for a fun little story time? Our amazing team recently ventured to the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado and it was an absolute BLAST. Have you ever thought about renting an RV and roadtripping with your work besties? We 10/10 recommend it!

With a brand NEW collection for the LA POP UP coming out soon, the babes decided to switch things up and have our first ever destination photoshoot! Immediately, we knew the gorgeous scenery that Colorado has to offer would be the ultimate backdrop for our stunning new pieces. We packed the entire team into a massive RV, and thus the adventure began.

Our huge RV!

For the first couple hours, things were running as smooth as the Kansas landscape. We loaded up on snacks and champagne (road trip essentials) and transformed our vehicle into the ultimate party bus. Boss babe, Egi was our DJ and busted moves and broke it down... until our RV broke down. *Insert nervous laughter here*

Beautiful Colorado Landscape

Hundreds of miles from our destination, the team was stranded in what seemed to be the desert of nowhere land. Despite the bump in the road, we kept our positivity levels cranked up and saw a beautiful moment of opportunity. When life gives you a broken down RV, you turn it into an impromptu photoshoot, duh! We put our glam faces on and got. to. WERK.

One car ride in the back of a cop car and about twelve hours later, we were back on the road with our eyes on the Colorado prize! We hit up the beautiful Red Rocks Park and Downtown Denver location. From the scenery to the photos, everything was absolutely breathtaking, and not just because of the altitude. Colorado was the absolute perfect fit for our new designs!

We cannot wait for you to finally see and love the new collection! The official release for all of the items will be at our LA pop up shop from October 10-13. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to RSVP on Eventbrite!


We love and appreciate you so much! Thank you for your continued support and we can’t wait to talk to you next week in our By Egreis Blog!



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  • Author image
    Cristina Palmieri : August 31, 2019

    Those photos are amazing! Can’t wait to see the LA outfits

  • Author image
    Melanie: August 30, 2019

    I followed the CO trip. Hilarious but definitely you guys made the best of it! Can’t wait for the LA outfits!

  • Author image
    Veronica G: August 30, 2019

    Obsessed!!! Cannot wait to see all of the photos. Ladies these pieces keep getting better and better if that’s even possible.

  • Author image
    krystol: August 30, 2019


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