The Essentials of Brand Strategy

The Essentials of Brand Strategy - ByEgreis

With a constantly evolving and highly competitive marketplace, By Egreis was born out of passion and a true love for fashion that focuses on the women of today and tomorrow. Our inspiration comes from the daily interactions of women all over the world – moms, entrepreneurs, students and fashion oriented women that have a drive for style and modernity. 

When creating designs, our process is simpler but personalized to the need of today’s woman. We want to match the expectations when it comes to buying clothes online, identify the concept of her style and find a way to do it better without breaking the bank! A By Egreis woman is confident in her own skin, unique and a go getter – she wastes no time in getting what she wants and exceeding the standards. She is highly fashion oriented and is the epitome of poise. 

Our brand truly believes in creating a niche perfect for every type of woman, while many try to stand out and go against the grain. We want to perfect the craft of creating quality clothing with affordable prices and designs that match our audience. While some may believe that such a competitive environment of women’s fashion can be debilitating to a new brand – we think otherwise. By Egreis plans to use this market of ever changing style to our advantage - by creating fresh and new trends as we go. 

Our goal is to offer a better experience to our clientele by customizing the designs according to body type, color and a variety of choices to pick from. Instead of following trend, we want to go against it to embrace sustainability for By Egreis. Irrespective of size, shape, race or cultural preference, we want to have something to be desired by every woman in the world. 

Innovation is at the core of everything we do and love along with respect for women is what drives us. As a team of moms and women ourselves, we don’t believe fashion stops at size 12. By Egreis is committed to creating stunning designs for women of all sizes, race, sexual orientation and gender. Simply put, everyone deserves to feel good and express beauty in his or her own way. We are a highly inclusive team of all races and sizes, which is where the inspiration was derived from. 

Our plan is set apart from other brands – to create adaptive goals, approach women’s fashion from the back door and we hope to translate this in our designs. Our main aim is to be the go-to choice for our audience, with new designs added as we go instead of set collections. Why? Because fashion doesn’t stop, honey! 

Currently, the By Egreis team is caught in a whirlwind of day to day hustle of bringing the best of everything for you – from design, to fabric, to fit, color and even content for our website and social media page. We are beyond grateful to our team that is passionate about every single detail this brand has to offer and enjoy every bit of their work. Launching, running and growing a fashion business is not as easy as it sounds, however at By Egreis we focus entirely on the positivity that comes with everything we do. Our team is almost addicted to embracing constant change and excitement because it provides not only a sense of adventure, but also a feeling of challenge and accomplishment. 

We know how anxiously our By Egreis girls are waiting for the launch of our brand, with the team working day and night we are sure not to disappoint. Sketching new ideas, playing with fabric swatches, draping them on our mannequins of all sizes to see how it will fit on every body type is very important to us. Nonetheless, we’re pulling off everyday business operations with a hustle and grind like no other. We promise to bring you something completely exceptional in the fashion world. 

Based in Downtown, Kansas City, By Egreis is unlike any fashion brand in the Midwest. We continue to focus on unbeatable designs, affordable rates, worldwide shipping and remarkable service to our future customers. Show us your love and follow us on our Facebook and Instagram page and be the first to know about when our website goes live, new releases and giveaways to come. 



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