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Innovate. Inspire. Invest. - ByEgreis

With the launch date quickly approaching, we can't contain our excitement to showcase everything we have been working on since day one. All the love we have been receiving on our Instagram is what keeps us going. We aim to innovate the fashion game by creating pieces that you will hold more dearly to your heart and inspires you to invest in yourself. 

Innovate the Idea of Fashion

With fresh brands joining the market every day, By Egreis believes in taking the road less traveled and innovating the women's fashion game. We do not believe that fashion stops at size 12. We love every woman equally and so will our designs. We do not believe in stereotyping our designs according to body types, skin colors, or culture. We make clothes for women to empower women to express her beauty in her own unique way. Innovation is at the core of everything we do and we truly hope that every woman celebrates herself and innovates her idea of fashion with By Egreis.

While designing for By Egreis, we constantly thought of our everyday woman, who is chic and sexy, yet classy with a soft touch of rebelliousness for that effortless glamour. We are subtle and thoughtful in our designs, and that manifest into the pieces we will deliver to you. 

Inspire Women around the Globe

We draw our inspiration from the strong, invincible and empowering women figures we see everyday in our society. Whether you are a Mom, a businesswoman, or a student, we believe you all possess great quality to conquer any life’s obstacles. We inspire women to love herself and help them realize that they are an invincible force that no one can destroy, while celebrate the most selfless human beings on this planet. 

Invest in Yourself

We believe that every woman must know what they need, what they want, and what they deserve. We encourage women to work towards themselves and putting themselves first. Because we believe they deserve all the happiness in the world. Women should go out there and get what they want. It is about time they stopped putting other before them. It is time they invest in themselves as that is what can take them further in life. A happy woman has the power to multiply her power to an infinite degree and it’s true. So start living the life you've always wanted. A new start today will take you to new heights tomorrow. Be a part of the By Egreis family and invest in yourself today!

The ultimate truth is that By Egreis is a brand designed by women to celebrate women.  We hope to highlight her confidence and give her that effortless glow.

Innovate, Invest, and Inspire is our mantra. Follow us along on our journey to self-confidence on our Facebook and Instagram page and be the first ones to know about our store launch, new releases, and giveaways.



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